Preserving biodiversity in the Philippines.
March 13, 2012

Marine Wildlife Rescue Training

February 22, 2012


A Memorandum of Understanding between CAPE Foundation, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region-6 made this province-wide Marine Wildlife Rescue Training possible on such a large scale. Signatories are CAPE’s President – Macrina P. Lovina, CAPE’s Marine Wildlife Committee Chair – Arnel Andrew Yaptinchay, OPA’s Provincial Agriculturist […]

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Hatchling Sea Turtle Release

December 27, 2011


Wouldn’t you know it, the Olive Ridley turtles started to emerge on Christmas day! I didn’t get to see them until the next day. Ten turtles emerged on the 25th, seven in the early morning of the 26th and four more in the evening, and three early this morning. The weather has been stormy these […]

Kalapat Tree (Ficus heteropleura Bl.)

November 29, 2011


Ficus heteropleura Blume Latin for ‘unequal veins’. Description Understorey tree (strangler) up to 20 m tall and 25 cm dbh. Stem with white sap. Stipules ca. 6 mm long, glabrous. Leaves alternate, simple, triply-veined, glabrous, tip elongate pointed. Fruits ca. 6 mm diameter, yellow-orange-red, globose figs placed along the twigs. Ecology In undisturbed mixed dipterocarp and […]

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Box Turtle Release

November 17, 2011


About five months ago a freshwater turtle poacher surrendered eleven Box Turtles to my staff. Once common in these parts, these turtles are now a rarity because of over-poaching and agriculture. Many of the turtles find their way to rice fields and get caught in the tilling process. A sub-species of the Malaysian Box Turtle […]

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Olive Ridley Turtle Nest

November 15, 2011


Discovered by a group of young men in Brgy. Dumarog was a Olive Ridley Turtle laying eggs. Luckily, they didn’t chance upon it beforehand or it would have left to look for a quieter place. Armed with a cell phone they took photos and video! About 80 eggs laid on November 1, 2011. I accompanied […]

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Reforestation and Rice Hull Stoves

July 3, 2011


Having recognized that the problems that affect threatened wildlife is loss of habitat due to deforestation, which is caused by illegal logging and kaingin (slash & burn agriculture), I decided the only way to make progress in reforestation efforts is to address each part of the problem fully. Although, kaingin is an illegal activity it […]

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Dolphin Rescue

June 26, 2011


As I relaxed in my new place by the beach after our very successful seminar, Teacher’s Training in Environmental Education, I was approached by the caretaker of my rented beach house to say that there was a big fish, possibly illegal, captured by the fishermen. I was just about to go see what the catch […]

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Teacher’s Training in Environmental Education

June 23, 2011


Teachers Training in Environmental Education   Organizations involved:   CAPE Foundation, Inc. Makati, Metro Mla.   Miriam College Environmental Studies Institute Loyola Heights, QC   Department of Education San Jose, Antique     CAPE Foundation, Inc.: Macrina P. Lovina President Miriam College ESI: Angelina P. Galang, Ph.D. Training Team Head Donna Paz T. Reyes, Ph.D. […]

We Are Registered!

January 28, 2011


After months of finding the right members, registering the perfect name and going back and forth signing papers from one town to the next since all the members are scattered all over the place, we finally incorporated. Then more signing of papers back and forth between all the members because I wasn’t satisfied with the […]

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